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ANORA does not have a business affiliation with any cemetery. We can help you choose the cemetery that is right for you and your loved ones. We can also assist you with cemetery associated products, such as gravemarkers, also known as headstones.  Every cemetery has their own bylaws that they follow. We can assist you with burial vaults, should you choose a cemetery that requires them. The Lower Mainland now has an option for “Green Burial” in Surrey. We are familiar with the strict guidelines associated with Green Cemeteries. The City of Vancouver have also amended their bylaws to allow purchasing of reusable plots. There have been a lot of changes over the last decade surrounding burial. We can help you find the right choice for you and yours.

Funeral Celebrants

A Funeral Celebrant can turn a good event into an outstanding memorable event. We can connect you to the celebrant who we feel is best suited to you and your family. We encourage family and friends to participate in the event without having the added stress of facilitating.

Pre-Arranged Services

Creating an “Exit Strategy” for end of life is a gift not only to you, but to your executor, family and friends. Many of us have a hard time talking about the inevitable. Talking about it and making arrangements is actually very empowering and saves money and stress. All funds for pre-arrangements are put safely in the care of ASSURANT life of Canada. Accepting your mortality is a gift to yourself. Pre-arranging your end of life care is a gift to the people you love.