About Anora


We honour the traditions of all peoples, as every life is unique and deserving of a peaceful end of life journey. We equally honour the traditions of our profession while advocating for and inspiring positive change.


We walk with our clients every step of the way on a path that respects their individual wishes, ensuring they are comforted, allowing a better opportunity for grieving and peaceful healing.


We respectfully serve the broad needs of both the decedents (pre and post death) and their loved ones with empathy and reassurance, regardless of traditional wishes, cultural practices or lifestyle choices.


We are mindful that feeling loved and the need for love during the process of death will look differently for all clients. We endeavor to evoke love through all aspects of our business, approach, interactions and processes so everyone feels cared for and included.

Professional Funeral Services and End of Life Events

We believe that every life is unique and all services we provide will be reflective of that life. We serve with care, empathy, patience and creativity to support the coming together on any level to ensure all loved ones have the opportunity to grieve and celebrate in their own way.

We are a locally owned and operated provider of Professional Funeral Services and End of Life Events, serving the Vancouver Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

We hold unique qualities as not only Funeral Directors and Embalmers (licensed by the Province of BC) but also Event Coordinators with a network of loving End of Life Doulas, Notaries, Estate Planners, Grief Recovery Specialists and PreArrangement Specialists. This means that regardless of your faith, your wishes or the deceased’s wishes, rest assured that you can focus on the grieving process and story-sharing while we guide you to peace.

Laurie LaGrange Hurtubise


For most of us, pursuing a career in the ‘cremation, burial and events’ industry wouldn’t have made it to our top five (or likely top twenty) list of enjoyable vocations. Most likely because of the unfortunate conditioning we subconsciously succumb to as a result of societal perceptions imposed upon us throughout our lives (or ‘life journey’ as we will refer to it). In short, our society has grown to associate death as a negative experience slathered in sadness, emptiness and an experience that many fear and would rather avoid.

Mortality is inevitable, so why do we choose to stoke-the-fire of our fear through avoidance of the subject as opposed to increased exposure, learning, preparing and practice of accepting? The answer to that isn’t clear.

What is however, is there is a woman who contradicts our societal norms by not only accepting the concept of mortality, but who takes great care in honouring the journey of life and death. Owner of ANORA, Laurie LaGrange Hurtubise has created a business that feels less than a service and more of a guiding home for people experiencing an end of life journey.

It’s safe to assume that it takes a special human to not only choose a career in this industry, but build their own business in it, confidently champion change, all while servicing the needs of their client’s first that best suits their wishes. Laurie is that special human and she models the character needed to achieve all of the above.

Laurie LaGrange Hurtubise

Laurie exudes a comforting balance of emotional strength, knowledge and empathy — giving you confidence she’ll take charge yet manage the process at a pace that is intuitively mindful of all those involved. Laurie sees all people involved in this journey through a lens of compassion and respect - to her core, she believes all people are deserving of love, honour and comfort and vows to service their needs at any level. Laurie’s diverse knowledge of the industry, cultural practices and traditional approaches comes from a genuine intrigue to listen intently and learn with an open mind so everyone feels reassured she is with them every step of the way.

The personality of ANORA is Laurie - it is honour, comfort, service, love and who can forget creativity.