Additional Services We Offer

Visitations, Life Honouring Events, Hybrid Events, Finale, & Curtain Call


Also known as a Viewing, Lamay or Wake

Consider adding a Visitation to any cremation or burial. A loving gathering to say goodbye with casket present.


Life Honouring Event

Also known as Celebration of Life, Memorial, Funeral,  Homecoming or Traditional Service

Consider adding a Life Honouring Event to any cremation or burial. This event may be a funeral with body present or a memorial that takes place after the cremation is complete.



Sometimes important family and friends cannot be physically present at the funeral or life honouring event. With livestreaming using Zoom, they can still connect and share in their grief. We offer a variety of options from one basic camera angle to a multi-camera set up. Contact us to see what we can do for you.



A special day to scatter or inter cremated remains that may take place days or years after cremation.

Sometimes when a length of time has gone by, you may find it difficult to decide when and where the right place for your loved ones cremated remains may be. We are here to help. From a simple picnic in the countryside, to a boat charter or even a helicopter ride with Sky Helicopters, we can talk things out with you and guide you in making the decision that is the right fit for your family.


Curtain Call Events

We offer a broad array of unique and creative alternative and non-traditional events for those who are still living and ensure that they are honoured in a way that is as unique as they were.

A final farewell to say what needs to be said when you know a life journey is coming to a close.