Do You Want To Create
Extra Stress For Your Loved Ones?


I don’t. I don’t think that you do either.
Yet, somehow, it happens all the time.

We take a phone call from an in-shock family. Someone they love has just died. Maybe they knew the death was imminent or maybe it came out of nowhere. Either way; it is hard for them to function and think. The whole conversation may feel surreal for them. They don’t know what to do. This is all new to them. After all, someone you love doesn’t die every day. Thank goodness for that. “Do you know what your loved one’s wishes were?” Long silence. “I don’t know. We never talked about it.”

In that moment, we are there to comfort, serve and guide. We can’t change the past. We can’t go back in time and educate that family about why it is so important to talk about death and end of life wishes before it is too late. We do our best with the circumstance, and we serve with care and professionalism. However, it is not too late for you and yours. You have some time to figure this out. You can empower yourselves and be prepared for the inevitable. Talking to the people you love about your mortality and theirs is still an option for you. It starts with a courageous conversation from the heart. Talk about fears, personal wishes and legacy. What is important to you? Why? What did you love about the Funerals or Life Honouring Events that you have been to and what did you hate about them? What would you do differently? What are your beliefs surrounding end-of-life?

Once you have these conversations, then you can take action. You can then put your wishes or your loved ones wishes into the form of a “Pre-arrangement”. A Pre-arrangement is when you make choices and pre-pay for funeral and, burial or cremation options.

What are the benefits of Pre-arranging your funeral?

Saves stress on family/executor.

When we serve a family where the deceased pre-arranged their end-of-life care, the amount of stress that it saves the family is noticeable in many ways. Mostly, we notice is what is not happening…. Stress, frustration and anxiety.

Saves money.

When you pre-arrange with ANORA you are paying today’s prices for our professional fees & merchandise. (Please note that we have no control over & do not guarantee third party costs, such as the flowers & catering, like all funeral homes in B.C.) When you pre-arrange with ANORA, your funds are safely in the care of TruStage Life of Canada.

The sooner that this is done, the more you save.

Depending on your lifestyle choices & retirement plans, it is typical for people to update their Wills, Power of Attorney, Advanced Care Planning (medical) & Pre-Plan funerals once they become “empty nesters” or are getting close to retirement. We recommend for single people to do this even younger to ensure that they are prepared.

Many times, over the years, we have been impressed by how much money people save by being prepared. For example, I have served many clients at the time of their death that had pre-paid 30 years prior. The cost difference is astounding.

Ensures that your wishes are followed.

This is good news for all the planners out there.

Every time we serve a family in which their loved one pre-arranged, they are amazed by how much easier the process was for them & they are convinced that they are also going to pre-arrange for themselves. They are always grateful to their loved one for this final gift of love.

I just want you to know what they know and what we know. Pre-arranging is wise.

It would be our honour to help you through this and we would be pleased to speak to you in the comfort of your own home (or over the phone depending on your covid comfort level).

Remember, “Pre-arranging your funeral is a gift to the people you love.”

Do You Want To Create Extra Stress For Your Loved Ones?

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