Vancouver Memorial Planning Urn Options

Professional Services

ANORA can assist you with as much or as little that you require. You may require only the practical services of cremation or burial or you may want to utilize our expertise to coordinate all aspects of end of life care, funerals & events. You may want to care for your loved one at home prior to burial. Keep in mind that the following services can be adjusted or combined depending on your wants or needs. Consider this a starting point. You can clarify further details by contacting us. Or feel free to call us at 604.475.7322 .


For the practical means of cremation with the simplest cremation container and 1 death certificate. Starting at $1617. Plus tax

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Honouring Event

Also known as “Celebration of Life” or “Memorial”

This gathering may take place in a hall, place of worship, home, club, pub, legion or anywhere that is special to your family. It could be formal or casual, scheduled or free flowing. Cremated Remains may or may not be present.

Honouring Event

Also known as “Funeral”,  “Homecoming” or “Traditional”

This gathering may take place in a hall, place of worship, home, club or anywhere that is special to your family and able to accommodate the deceased. Casket is present. Event is followed by Burial, Entombment or Cremation. Some families choose the reverse order. For example, we can begin at the cemetery with burial, then regroup at a venue close by for the rest of the Event. There are many options available.

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Also known as a “Lamay” or “Wake”

This is a gathering where the casket is open and allows the community and family to say goodbye. There might be food and beverages, prayers, a slideshow, and music. It often takes place the day or night before the Funeral.

Burial Service

Also known as “Graveside Service” or “Green Burial”

This gathering takes place at the cemetery only. It is usually chosen during optimal weather conditions so that all are comfortable.


We are stardust
we are we are golden
and we got to get ourselves
back to the garden

-Joni Mitchell

The Finale

This is a gathering that may take place days or years after cremation. It is a special day to scatter or inter cremated remains. Sometimes when a length of time has gone by, you may find it difficult to decide when and where the right place for your loved ones cremated remains may be. We are here to help. We can talk it out with you and guide you in making the decision that is the right fit for your family.


We are very experienced in international or interprovincial repatriation. You may choose to have an event here and an event “back home”. We must follow the guidelines of repatriation for each respective country.

Curtain Call

This is an Event to Honour the Living.

Some of us don’t want to wait until we are dead to have an event in our honour. We are Event Coordinators who know how to throw a party. The occasion may be a milestone birthday, retirement, anniversary or family re-union. As well, “living funerals” are a unique way to say goodbye to those we love. A “living funeral” also know as “living wake” or FUNeral is ideal for someone who is terminally ill, who has accepted the reality of their situation and wants to say goodbye in person and on their own terms.