Laurie LaGrange Hurtubise – Bio

Laurie LaGrange Hurtubise - Event Planner - Celebration of Life Events

Laurie has been serving the community for over ten years as a licensed funeral director and embalmer. She considers funeral service and event coordination her vocation and has a fire in her belly to serve people the way they need to be served. Every life and death are unique. Every honouring ceremony should be just as unique as the individual who has died and the bereaved who they leave behind. With her years of experience, she expertly leads a traditional or religious funeral, yet is passionate to ask all the right questions to create a unique event that not only honours the dead, but gives the bereaved tools to launch their grief in a healthy and positive way.

Laurie was born and raised in Langley and has happily stayed in the Lower Mainland. When on leave from her career as an Event Coordinator to care for her young children, her grandfather died. After his funeral, people commented that it was the best funeral they had ever attended. Light bulb moment! She recognized her calling. One’s funeral is the ultimate event and the final curtain call. It all came together!

When her youngest child started kindergarten, she began her apprenticeship at a locally owned funeral home. If you would have told her years prior that her journey would lead her to the local morgue, she wouldn’t have believed you. However, caring for those who can’t care for themselves was not a big leap. Care and empathy are part of her natural fibers.

Laurie questioned business practices and their effects on the environment. Her paper “Eco-ethics in Canadian Funeral Service” analyzed every step of how Canadians have been caring for their dead over the last hundred years. That was over ten years ago, but change is slow. Whereas we have an opportunity in our daily life to change our routines, such as recycling, reusing, taking transit etc., a death in our family is less frequent. (Thank goodness!) When we are grieving we are not in our “right mind”. Making the best choice for the environment may not be on the top of our list. Therefore, presenting all options is the best way to deal with the changing tide for end of life options.