Jacqueline “Jackie” Elizabeth

Vink née Booth

Year of Birth: 1992
Passed Away: May 31st, 2024

Jacqueline “Jackie” Elizabeth Vink (née Booth) lived her life with kindness toward everyone she met. She had an infectious laugh that she was quick to share, bringing joy to her family and friends and connecting her with the love of her life, Timo Vink.

Born in Canberra, Australia in March of 1992, Jackie thought about the world in beautifully different ways, which opened those around her to new perspectives. She noticed and valued beauty around her and was able to appreciate and create art through her writing, drawing, and painting. An avid reader, world traveler and English literature major from the University of Toronto, Jackie always sought to broaden her perspective and led with compassion toward everyone she encountered. When she gave someone her undivided attention, she made them feel respected, heard, and special.

Jackie felt most at home in Ithaca, NY, where she grew up from 2004, surrounded by her siblings and parents. She enjoyed hiking, swimming, skiing, biking, and exploring the natural beauty Ithaca offered. She spent many nights by the fire with her family and friends, making music and telling stories.

After earning her degree, Jackie completed her Montessori training before beginning her first career as a Montessori teacher in Vancouver, where she worked for six years. Her sweet nature, gentle approach, and creativity impacted numerous children, fellow teachers, and colleagues.

Jacqueline “Jackie” Elizabeth Vink (née Booth)
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