If A Death Has Occurred,

Please Call


For a cremation, we give highly personalized service
with reasonably priced professional fees.

A standard cremation with an Eco-Pine Tray, one death certificate
and obituary on ANORA website is $2012 (plus tax)

  1. We meet you in the comfort of your home to gather information and to prepare the documents that are necessary for permits and death certificates. There is no pressure to sell you anything that you do not need.

  2. We guide you in writing an obituary for your loved one and help guide you in the decision of what to do with your loved one’s cremated remains. This can often be a challenging decision.

  3. In a timely manner, we deliver the death certificates and cremated remains directly to you. We also supply you with the documents that you may require for the CPP Death Benefit and the CPP Survivor's pension and Child(ren's) Benefits.

Funeral Services

Every life is unique and at ANORA, we honour life. We offer Life Honouring Events, such as Traditional Funerals, Unique Memorials or Celebrations of Life. These events can be formal or informal, religious or secular.

Starting at $2390 (plus tax)

  1. We meet with you to help you determine what is the best way to honour your grief and your loved one.

  2. We assist you with venue and funeral celebrant selection. Funerals may take place in a place of worship, club, pub, hall, residence, or any venue that is special to your family.

  3. We help you pick out caskets and urns, memorial cards, keepsake mementos, song and poem selections, personalized ceremonies, flowers, grave markers and more.

Traditional Burials

We stand beside you, offering support and guidance as you consider a selection of unique caskets for a traditional burial service.


A loving gathering to say goodbye with casket present. Also known as a Lamay or Wake.

Life Honouring Events

This event may be a funeral with body present or a memorial that takes place after the cremation is complete.

Hybrid & Virtual Events

During the pandemic, we are offering hybrid and virtual events to allow people to connect and share their grief using Zoom.


A special day to scatter or inter cremated remains that may take place days or years after cremation.

ANORA services curtain call

Curtain Call Events

A broad array of unique and creative alternative and non-traditional events for those who are still living.